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Facts on Bandwidth How much is 1 meg? Every time someone views your web page all of the data (html code, text,... How do I access my cPanel? Accessing your cPanel can be done through a variety of means: How do I create and remove an Addon Domain? With Addon Domains, it becomes possible for you to host multiple domain names with different... How to Add a Domain to a cPanel Account I would like to add an additional domain to my cPanel Account and configure it independently of... How to create a subdomain IntroductionThis article will go over creating a Subdomain under your cPanel account.... How to create an Addon Domain IntroductionThis article will go over creating an Addon Domain under your cPanel account.... How to create and delete Databases Databases are used by many scripts to make storing a lot of information really simple and easy,... How to enable Remote MySQL Usage/Management If you need to connect to your databases remotely through MySQL management software such as... How to manage files via cPanel File Manager You can also use the built-in File Manager capabilities of your cPanel which is easy and doesn't... How to transfer your accounts from your old host - login to cPanel- click backups- click 'Home Directory' under Partial Backups- choose a location... Managing Database Data with phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin is a de facto standard for administrating databases in an easy point-n-click manner... Managing MySQL User Accounts For security, you have the ability to create individual MySQL users to use with one or more... Using FTP to Manage Files To use FTP to manage files you will need three key pieces of information... Your Username (eg....